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117 Maury Avenue
Charlottesville, VA

TEL(434) 977-7878, 977-5868
Chef's Suggestions

  • . Crispy Beef $10.95 Lightly breaded and shredded beef, fried to crispy, sauteed with celery, carrots and green onions in a spicy, light sweet and slightly sour sauce.
  • . Seafood in Two Styles $12.50 Scallion with vegetables in hunan style and jumbo shrimp in szechuan style(Spicy).
  • . Fragrant Kings $10.95 Jumbo shrimp, scallops, crab meat, beef and selected vegetables served in a garlic sauce(Spic).
  • . Dragon and Phoenix $11.95 Sesame chicken paired with jumbo shrimp, broccoli, straw mushrooms and snow peas in a light sauce.
  • . Crispy Seafood Delight $12.50 Scallops and shrimp are dipped in light batter and fried to golden brown, served with chef's special sauce.
  • . Double Golden $12.50 Sliced chicken, beef, jumbo shrimp, mushroom and snow peas, served on top of pan-fried crispy noodles.
  • . Happy Family $10.95 Shrimp, scallops, chicken and beef, blended with an assortment of fresh vegetables is served in chef's special sauce.
  • . Sesame Shrimp $12.50 Breaded shrimp fried to golden brown and then sauteed with a sweet and slightly sour sauce, served on a bed of crispy broccoli and sprinkled with sesame seed.